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We're 10 years young! 


Although the time seems to have gone so quickly, it's our ten year anniversary in 2024, and we've got some really exciting events lined up for you to come along to, including our regular Pride walking party,

Watch this space and our LinkedIn pages for the latest news - and if you've not heard from us by email recently, it could be that you've moved job, so please click the 'join us now' button above and we'll add you back in


and here is our fabulous Christmas event, kindly hosted by good friends Peabody Housing 

A further four new housing providers have signed up to the HouseProud Pledge for 2024!


We've just learned from Stonewall Housing that four additional housing providers have decided to join the HouseProud Pledge project, and are promising to reshape how they work with their LGBT+ residents. 

Please welcome: 

  • Soho Housing

  • B3Living

  • Gloucester City Homes

  • SAHA


Four new housing providers sign up to the HouseProud Pledge!

We're more than excited to see that our partnership with Stonewall Housing is taking the Pledge from strength to strength as landlords and residents join forces to deliver better and inclusive social housing and care for LGBTQ+ people. 

We are super-proud to welcome Moat, Rochdale Borough Homes, Orwell and Places for People to the Pledge Project and look forward to sharing with you how they and their residents will be delivering their own co-produced solutions on their road to becoming the most inclusive in sector

“As HouseProud Pledge Pioneers, we’re looking forward to delivering on the commitments we’ve made to ensure that LGBTQ+ customers can have input at executive / strategic level, LGBTQ+ visibility is increased and everyone working for us is appropriately trained to ensure we deliver inclusive services for LGBTQ+ people.

This supports the commitment set out in our corporate strategy 2023-2026 to become a customer pioneer, genuinely working with our customers to drive services and standards” –


Mary Gibbons, Chief Executive, Moat

It's amazing that the Pledge is galvanising the whole country, as we welcome two more northern-based providers along with another association with national reach. 

What the Pledge is all about

In 2017 HouseProud commissioned the University of Surrey to undertake research on the experiences of LGBTQ+ social housing residents and published the report No Place Like Home? in February 2018.  The Pledge Scheme was developed in response to the report.

The HouseProud Pledge was developed by HouseProud and the University of Surrey in association with residents, staff members and sector leaders from across the country and was launched in May 2019 with endorsement by the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development, London.

It addresses the issues raised by the findings of the No Place Like Home? report and is a scheme that all social housing providers can sign up to, to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ+ resident equality and support.

Talk to the team about getting involved

A knowledge exchange project, “Housing with Pride” has tracked the progress and learning of the first Pledge Scheme signatories through workshops with staff which lead to the development of a promotional animation video to raise awareness about the need for housing providers to be supportive and inclusive of LGBTQ+ residents’ lives.

Following a review of the Pledge Scheme in 2021 and feedback from HouseProud members it was agreed that a delivery partner organisation would be sought to work with HouseProud to deliver the Pledge Scheme and to ensure its continued growth and success.

In December 2022 after a thorough selection process Stonewall Housing became the HouseProud Pledge delivery partner. An event to celebrate the new partnership was held in March 2023.

 " I am committed to working with HouseProud and the Pledge Partners to ensure that we are providing the best possible service for LGBTQ+ residents. I believe that meaningful engagement with LGBTQ+ residents is key to ensuring that we are meeting their needs and addressing any issues that may arise. I look forward to continuing this work with all of you".  

Steven McIntyre, CEO Stonewall Housing

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