Want to volunteer on the HouseProud Management Committee?

We’re delighted to announce that nominations are now open for the following positions on the HouseProud Management Committee write HouseProud Co-chairs Cressida Stanley-Williams and John Stevens

If you'd like to stand for any of these positions, please email HouseProud_LGBT@outlook.com by 5pm on Tuesday 8th December 2020. 


In your email, please state the post you are applying for and your reason for applying, in no more than 250 words. Please confirm your commitment to attend 75% of the committee meetings and HouseProud events. The committee meetings are usually held on a Thursday at 4pm to 6pm and there are between five and six of these a year and are currently being held remotely. Otherwise, they are usually held in London. 

HouseProud’s membership is open to all who wish to support HouseProud’s aims, including people who identify as allies and people who work outside of the housing sector.  However, to ensure that HouseProud maintains a focus on its core purpose, we require that 80% of Management Committee positions are held by people who identify as LGBT+ and 80% of positions are held by people who work in the housing sector. We have one place available to ensure we continue to meet this requirement. 



Sharing the responsibilities to lead HouseProud, to be a spokesperson for HouseProud, and to build relationships with external agencies and network. To produce the annual report.  Our Terms of Reference state that the Co-Chair’s should not share the same gender or sexual identity. As a result, we arecurrently looking for a Co-Chair who identifies as female.

Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer. Their role is to develop our BAME Strategy and increase our BAME membership. 


Administrative Officer

To set up and document the Management Committee meetings, to support the Co-Chairs in the production of the annual report, to manage the Management Committee election process and to manage the HouseProud OneDrive and email account. To provide support for the administration of accreditation of the HouseProud Pledge Scheme.


Communications and Press Officer

To be the contact point for all media relations for the group and cover press, website, and the communication strategy.


2 x Events Officers

To co-ordinate all HouseProud network events, social events, breakfast briefings, conferences, attendance at Pride events, and Eventbrite (the event management software).


New Membership Officer

To actively seek new members, develop and maintain new membership promotional material and welcome packs, to send welcome emails, and manage the integrity of the membership list.


National Membership Officer

To develop and maintain links with HouseProud North West and to explore developing HouseProud groups in other areas, including Scotland and Wales. To create and support and share good practice with other local HouseProud groups in the UK, and to coordinate a national strategy.


Trans Officer

To develop our Trans Strategy and increase our trans and non-binary membership.


Come to a fundraiser quiz for World Aids Day

In support of World Aids Day,  L&Q's staff network, Spectrum, will be holding a Fundraising Quiz on

Tuesday 1 December, from 6pm  


to help raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust. Spectrum have very kindly invited all HouseProud supporters to come along as well!

The Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity and has been supporting people living with HIV since the early 1980s. Their mission is to end HIV transmissions in the UK by 2030. To achieve this aim, the Terrence Higgins Trust provide several key services, including:

  • HIV/STI testing

  • Sexual health information and advice

  • A free-to-call direct helpline available 7 days a week

  • Support and guidance on accessing PrEP/PEP

  • Therapy services and online counselling

Spectrum are asking all those who take part in the Fundraising Quiz to make a modest donation (suggested £3) by clicking on the following JustGiving link.


Any amount that you can spare will go towards the vital work being undertaken by the Terrence Higgins Trust to support those living with HIV. To show your support for World AIDS Day, you can sign up to receive a free red ribbon from the Terrence Higgins Trust here

If you'd like an invitation, please feel free to send L&Q a message at: Spectrum@lqgroup.org.uk

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Share your experiences of hate crime

The Norfolk Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is a group of local residents from different community backgrounds who work alongside the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (OPCCN) and Norfolk Constabulary.


The group offers opinions and advice and shares their community-based perspectives with the aim of improving the quality of policing services for everyone.


The Norfolk Independent Advisory Group is reaching out to the LGBT+ community to understand incidence of homophobic and trans hate incidents in Norfolk and elsewhere in the UK.


The IAG group would be grateful if HouseProud supporters could complete the short online survey below.


Also they would like to ask if you could share the link with other members of your networks.




The survey will run until 5pm until Friday 20th November 2020. Further information about the survey will be published on the OPCCN website later.


Following our successful HouseProud Black History Month celebration panel event, on the 22nd October 2020, we are building on the amazing collaborative dynamic, and will continue working with other organisations to promote opportunities for all our members.  

Writes Asif Rashid, HouseProud BAME Officer

One such opportunity that’s a must for BAME colleagues working in housing, is the programme LEADERSHIP NOW, being delivered from the collaboration between GatenbySanderson & UNIFY.

LEADERSHIP NOW  is a programme consisting of bespoke initiatives, workshops and profiling development tools, that enable participants to accelerate learning.  The programme has been developed for new, aspiring and existing leaders to aid personal and professional development, providing opportunities for improving career opportunities for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff at all levels

UNIFY is the cross-sector BAME network working across housing and care to share information, promote initiatives, host network events and increase BAME senior management opportunities. UNIFY state their overarching goal is to increase inclusion opportunities at all levels and ensure the diversity of staff is reflected throughout all areas of housing.


GatenbySanderson describe themselves as the UK’s leading people intelligence business, advising public services, not-for-profit and education services how to deliver effective leadership opportunities and accelerate change. 

HouseProud echo the UNIFY passion for diversity and inclusion, and encourage all HouseProud LGBT+ members who meet the criteria of the LEADERSHIP NOW programme to apply.


Under-representation in senior posts of people from BAME communities remains a serious issue. Combined with the under-representation in senior positions from other protected characteristic groups, such as sexual orientation and gender, means that we should take action now to make positive change.

HouseProud is promoting this programme as it is focused on making the change the social housing sector desperately needs. 

For more information about the programme and to register your interest in applying, please visit: this link

A blog by Jo Peres

HouseProud Communications Officer

with thanks to the G15 website

When two worlds collide. Love conquers all and kindness is free - very profound words I hold close to my heart.

These are the values my mother instilled in all her children.

My poem is a glimpse to the real-life experience of an outspoken BAME LGBTQ+ person, navigating their way through life’s struggles and triumphs.

I remember that talk with my mother like it was yesterday.

I remember the talk with my mother about interracial relationships being a crime.

I remember asking my mother, why would this be illegal if two people love each other.

I remember feeling perplexed, my young mind trying to process this, and my heart compounded by sadness.

I remember feeling sad and frustrated.

I remember being asked many times why my father was white, and I was not.

I remember being asked why my mother was so dark and I was not. 

I remember feeling like I wasn't white enough to be white or black enough to be black.

I remember being asked why we speak Portuguese.

I remember being afraid of death during the riots against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

I remember hearing bullets fired injuring people and the tear gas fired choking people.

I remember the segregation and kids being told they could not mix with other ethnicities.

I remember the neighbourhoods segregated and certain areas reserved for 'Whites Only'.

I remember the joy when Mandela was finally released from Prison. 

I remember feeling different to my peers through adolescence. 

I remember coming to the U.K. to start a new life.

I remember coming out as LGBT+ and being rejected by my own family. The same family who suffered oppression under the Apartheid regime. 

I remember watching so many LGBTQ+ people being murdered, rejected, and discriminated against because of whom they choose to love.

I remember my family finally accepting me for who I am and understanding that love is love and it comes in all shapes and sizes. 

I remember the joy when equal marriage was announced. 

I remember feeling safe in my own skin, living authentically, being out and proud & living my best life. 

I remember being happy and truly content in my own brown skin and feeling like a Strong, Empowered, BAME, Non-Binary Human.

I remember being asked the question by white people many times – "No, but where are you really from"

I remember watching the world burn in flames because yet again another person has been killed because of the colour of their skin.

I remember terrorism fuelled by hate and injustice.

I remember seeing countless news stories of some young kids committing suicide because their religious parents wouldn't accept their Trans son or daughter.

I remember people rejecting a person because of who they choose to love. 

I remember those who truly believe the essence of Inclusion, Kindness, and Love.

I remember a world that was caring and beautiful, filled with acceptance.

I remember wondering if that was just a dream.


I remember as a child looking at both my parents and thinking, if love is colour-blind why can't everyone else just accept it.


I remember, I remember, I remember….

Love all, embrace people without judgment or discrimination, don't be afraid to ask questions.

Dialogue is important but most importantly be an ally to all those unheard voices and amplify them. Let's transform and change the world because united we are stronger.


All lives do matter but right now, it's Black lives that Matter.

Remember: Sharing is Caring and Kindness is Free.


Who am I..?

Resources to help us fight CoVID 19

The Network for LGBT People Working in Social Housing

We may be 'all in this together' but the virus, the current lockdown and ways of working in the housing sector have a very distinct impact on LGBT+ people working in social housing, and also for our LGBT+ residents/customers/service-users.

HouseProud would like to give this front page of our website over to any resources, or initiatives that would have particular impact on either colleagues or customers - and of course some of these will be useful to both groups. Please do email in  any suggestions and we will put them up here!

One of the best resources and signposting points is London Switchboard.

They have created an Emotional Well-being Support Pack.

This is full of useful and practical exercises and thoughts on dealing with feeling lonely and isolated. As we know from our research that many LGBT+ residents feel isolated in their homes even when they are not on lockdown, it is important that as Housing Providers we redouble our efforts to reach this group,

Another good resource page is  that of our old friends at AKT (the Albert Kennedy Trust). Their resources page has very clear guidelines for LGBT+ residents affected by CoVID19 in respect to being evicted, benefits in both our sector and in the privately rented sector.

They also have a really good list of free or fair-cost arts events, exercise classes and  online wellness led by People of Colour, Womxn and Queer folks.

Of course the lockdown and self isolation can create an atmosphere where domestic violence becomes a major concern. GALOP coordinate the National LGBT Domestic Violence Hotline  0800 999 5428 and the details are all on their website

For younger trans people Mermaids has updated information on their website.   What we liked about Mermaids is that they said 'Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers are determined to offer more support not less during this period of uncertainty'.

There's some great new resource for intersex people - on Soho Radio. Anick will be discusses the experiences of an intersex person, mixed with songs every week. He will be inviting guests on his show to  get perspective on different issues. 'Queerantine' with us!!

There's also....


Have put together a resources pack which is great for people with kids at home; providing maths, English, creativity and LGBT+ history:

Gal Dem.  Online resources for women of colour. 

Imaan - LGBTQI+ Muslim Support

We also really liked the London LGBTIQ+ COVID19 Mutual Aid Facebook Group where volunteers can skill share to support vulnerable people in our community, you can find out about that here

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written permission!

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