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We may be 'all in this together' but the virus, the current lockdown and ways of working in the housing sector have a very distinct impact on LGBT+ people working in social housing, and also for our LGBT+ residents/customers/service-users

A good referral route for our residents and service-users is Stonewall Housing. 

They  give advice about different housing related issues to hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) people every year. They  understand what you, or your friends, might be experiencing. So if your residents need advice, then encourage them to contact them  - there is a self referral form here.

Some of the housing issues they've helped LGBT+ people with include:

  • if they are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless;

  • if their relationship with family has broken down because of sexual orientation or gender identity;

  • if they've  been victimised or harassed;

  • if they need to escape from domestic abuse;

  • if they need advice about a dispute with your organisation;

  • if they need advice with housing benefits or universal credit.

All of which can become heightened in these times of Covid 19.

One of the best resources and signposting points is London Switchboard.

They have created an Emotional Well-being Support Pack.

This is full of useful and practical exercises and thoughts on dealing with feeling lonely and isolated. As we know from our research that many LGBT+ residents feel isolated in their homes even when they are not on lockdown, it is important that as Housing Providers we redouble our efforts to reach this group,

Another good resource page is  that of our old friends at AKT (the Albert Kennedy Trust). Their resources page has very clear guidelines for LGBT+ residents affected by CoVID19 in respect to being evicted, benefits in both our sector and in the privately rented sector.

They also have a really good list of free or fair-cost arts events, exercise classes and  online wellness led by People of Colour, Womxn and Queer folks.

Of course the lockdown and self isolation can create an atmosphere where domestic violence becomes a major concern. GALOP coordinate the National LGBT Domestic Violence Hotline  0800 999 5428 and the details are all on their website

For younger trans people Mermaids has updated information on their website.   What we liked about Mermaids is that they said 'Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers are determined to offer more support not less during this period of uncertainty'.

There's some great new resource for intersex people - on Soho Radio. Anick will be discusses the experiences of an intersex person, mixed with songs every week. He will be inviting guests on his show to  get perspective on different issues. 'Queerantine' with us!!

There's also....


Have put together a resources pack which is great for people with kids at home; providing maths, English, creativity and LGBT+ history:

Gal Dem.  Online resources for women of colour. 

Imaan - LGBTQI+ Muslim Support

We also really liked the London LGBTIQ+ COVID19 Mutual Aid Facebook Group where volunteers can skill share to support vulnerable people in our community, you can find out about that here

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